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Our aim is to make your brand look great and drive the marketing success of your organization. Murphy & Co.'s proven, repeatable processes deliver measurable results to our clients on time and on budget. We strive to be flexible and easy to work with, allowing our clients to focus on their business as we guide projects to completion.


Our experience helping brands position themselves guides how we think about projects. Working with both B2B and B2C organizations in many industries, we start by understanding each client's market and competition. We are attuned to client business strategy and how each project contributes to the overall brand. At the start of projects, we help clients to set measurable goals and steer the projects to surpass those targets.


Murphy & Co. often takes on projects from conception through launch; and we also run ongoing programs. In addition to these engagements, we can handle any part of a project, such as strategy, design, or development and testing. We frequently collaborate with client IT departments as well as other agency partners to drive business results. Each client receives a custom solution, building on our experience, but designed to meet the client's particular needs. Project plans are adjusted to client organizational cultures and business realities.


Our team brings deep experience in strategy, design, technology, quality assurance, and analytics. Most of our leading talents have been with the company for several years, providing continuity and stability. A blended resource model supplements U.S. resources with an international team of developers, creative production specialists, and quality assurance professionals. This model enables us to deliver top results quickly at competitive prices.


Our Portfolio gives a taste of the work we do for leading brands. We pride ourselves on strong, clean design and reliable technology.
Let us bring our winning approach to your organization. Contact us for a free evaluation of your needs.


At Murphy & Co., alliances are essential to our mission - helping our clients deliver on their core brand values. Murphy & Co. extends our technology and business capabilities through a powerful alliance network to provide our clients the best specialized skills and tailored solutions.

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Interactive Marketing and Client Satisfaction Services

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Creative Services

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