I want to outsource my social media management and publishing

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing can be time-consuming, hard work. There are so many social media platforms that the average global user has accounts on five social media services (GlobalWebIndex via Digital Market Asia). New social media services are constantly appearing, and it can be difficult to determine which should receive attention. Meanwhile, users are discussing your brand on social feeds that operate around the clock.

It’s no wonder that 89% of businesses use social media (via eMarketer). Social media promises closer connections with customers and potential brand advocates. Thought leadership can spread quickly, and customer service and public relations issues can be handled thoughtfully.

Top brands don’t thrive on social media due to special abilities. They benefit from the latest tools and savvy partners.

Murphy & Co. Can Help

We have worked with leading organizations to embrace social media management and publishing. Murphy & Co. can help you to define your business goals for social media and then create plans to achieve measurable outcomes. The targeted result may include building your brand, expanding your reach, generating leads, boosting sales, distributing thought leadership, providing customer service, or increasing user engagement.

Our social media management and publishing offerings include:

  • Social media program assessment and strategy development
  • Social media tool selection advice, implementation, and setup
  • Content development
  • Design for social media
  • Social channel management
  • Social media monitoring
  • Metrics and analytics

Contact us to discuss how we can make your social media efforts easier and more effective.