I want to outsource my eCommerce function

Technology Services

Online shoppers expect flawless web stores. A technical glitch or a slow page will cost sales as visitors flee to easier and more reliable websites.

This is the standard that any eCommerce website must meet. But not every organization should try to build and run an ironclad eCommerce website all by themselves. It often makes sense to draw on the expertise of a partner.

Murphy & Co. Can Help

We have experience in all aspects of B2C and B2B eCommerce. Whether you are looking to sell online for the first time or want to optimize an existing website, Murphy & Co. has solutions for you.

Our eCommerce solutions include:

  • Bringing in impartial outside ideas and strategic guidance
  • Auditing existing systems for technology and usability
  • Guidance on choosing platforms and vendors
  • Designing and building eCommerce websites and apps
  • Managing ongoing programs and websites
  • Providing extra resources to enlarge your team during specific campaigns and projects

Contact us to learn how we can help you to build and run a winning eCommerce website.