I want to create an Android version of my iOS app

Mobile and Tablet

Many apps premiere first on iPhones and iPads. Apple provides a higher-profile platform with a relatively affluent audience more open to spending on mobile. But Android is far more widespread, offering opportunities to reach a broad, global audience. Publishing and updating apps on Android can also be more straightforward than going through Apple’s approval and publishing process.

After proving themselves on Apple devices, many app publishers would like to use Android to build on their success.

Murphy & Co. Can Help

Murphy & Co. has experience designing and developing apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

We can help with all phases of adapting apps for Android, including:

  • Updating user interfaces and interactions to work best with Android.
  • Adjusting designs to fit Android norms.
  • Developing new Android apps.
  • Quality assurance testing across a variety of Android operating system versions and device screen sizes.

Contact us to learn how Murphy & Co. can help bring your mobile app to Android.