I need to understand better who uses my website

Digital Marketing

Your website may be bringing in more visitors, but who are these people? Are they potential customers? Job seekers? Reporters? Investors? Or just people who followed a misleading search result, spent a few seconds on your home page, and then fled back to Google?

Do you need to buy different ads to bring in a more relevant audience? Do you need to change your website content to cater to an unexpected, but still valuable, user segment?

The smart use of web metrics can help you to answer these questions. Only by measuring and analyzing your website audience can you understand whether you are making wise digital marketing investments. Only by knowing how users act on your website can you determine whether your site has the right content and design to serve your business goals.

Murphy & Co. Can Help

Murphy & Co. offers years of experience in the deep analysis of web metrics data. Some of the expertise we can offer includes:

  • Analyzing your current web analytics data
  • Optimizing or implementing a web analytics solution
  • Developing visitor personas
  • Telling the story of how your target audience is interacting with your website and where they are dropping off
  • Identifying how to optimize your website so that targeted visitors perform your desired actions
  • Understanding how your target audience accesses your website to help you make more informed digital marketing budget decisions
  • Identifying baselines and goals of interaction from your target audience
  • Developing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to track interactions with your target audience

Contact us to learn how we can apply web analytics to get you closer to your audience.