I need to target a new audience on my website

Digital Marketing

It can be all too tempting to just load a website full of information and let the users hunt around for what they want. The best websites take a different approach, targeting user segments and offering them great experiences.

When it’s time for your website to address a new audience, don’t just copy your boilerplate to a new section, changing keywords here and there. Instead, start with your new audience’s needs. Understand what brings them to the website, help them to find what they are after quickly, and then entice them to stick around and even return for future visits.

There are many factors that must be targeted just right to address a new target audience:

  • Acquisition tactics—such as ads, search marketing, and email—creating a promise that the website will fulfill
  • Design that appeals to the target audience while staying true to the brand positioning
  • Usability that makes the website easy for your audience
  • Content that speaks to the target audience’s concerns using the right language
  • Metrics and analytics to assess how well you are serving your target market

Each of these factors may take work, but each offers a distinct tool to strengthen the bond with your audience.

Murphy & Co. Can Help

Murphy & Co. guides leading brands in understanding their audience segments and communicating effectively online.

Our offerings include:

  • Web design and development
  • Content development
  • Search engine marketing
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Brand positioning

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