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To create smart, engaging and effective customer experiences, traditional top-down brand planning methodologies are no longer sufficient. Marketers today must not only anticipate and serve changing needs, they must inspire participation in an interactive brand relationship. Most challenging of all, keeping the audience engaged requires the fostering of a consistent user experience in an evolving digital space that’s anything but consistent.

Our process at Murphy & Co. begins and ends with understanding the user and the relationship with your brand. Through user journey tracking and social media listening, we analyze the nuances of user behavior, then develop comprehensive platform strategies that leverage customer-relevant channels and position brands in ways that bring user interests and business goals together. Finally, we help innovate our clients’ complete digital offering to meet even the most advanced expectations.

Our approach spans the full range of services needed to understand customers’ relationship with the brand and engage them in relevant and meaningful ways.

Digital Transformation

Technology has forced business to rethink how they engage customers, structure and operate and leverage platforms to drive growth. As a trusted advisor, Murphy & Co. can help organizations create new customer interaction models, define business cases to justify investment, design new organizational processes and structure enterprise architectures and roadmaps.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Development (CRM)

Companies’ relationship with customers has fundamentally changed how organizations engage with their external audiences. Murphy & Co. can help organization understand customers’ needs by creating new organizational structures and process to build and strengthen lasting customer relationships.

Brand Positioning

Built on a foundation of customer research and needs analysis, Murphy & Co. can help organizations define the meaning of their brand and how to position it for growth. We do this through customer analytics, brand equity analysis, value proposition, positioning and messaging.


We focus on creating fully tailored end-to-end solutions for brands requiring e-commerce experiences that are fast, seamlessly integrated with back-end processes, and in sync with creative merchandising and promotional strategies. Murphy & Co. specializes in leveraging the power of Enterprise e-commerce platforms to create unique experiences that address our clients’ specific needs around commerce performance and operations.


In today’s market, the views of a social network can bring unsurpassed credibility to your products and services. Through major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube, we invite users to review, blog and share reviews among themselves-within their networks and on their own terms. Murphy & Co. can help organizations establish or refine their approach to social channels.


As the first screen to get turned on every day and the last to power down, the mobile experience has forever changed the way we use the internet, consume media and both interact and transact with brands and services. At Murphy & Co. we can ensure mobile is integrated across all department and disciplines to ensure a seamless and consistent brand voice.

Organizational Design

Customers are now demanding two-way dialogues with companies that are transparent and genuine. Murphy & Co. can help organizations understand these changing dynamics by creating new organizational structures that empower internal stakeholders to become active brand ambassadors.

Brand Positioning

Murphy & Co. brings extensive experience consulting on brand positioning with some of the world’s most successful firms. Our proprietary methodology includes detailed assessment of the existing positioning leading to recommendations and implementation of modified positioning to both external and internal audiences.

Brand Positioning

Through methodical creation and adoption of a posture aimed dead center at its customers’ needs and values, an organization can gain a significant competitive advantage with all its key audiences. With relevant and focused positionings driving their brands, organizations dominate their markets.

Murphy & Co. brings extensive experience developing brand positioning strategies for some of the world’s most successful companies. Our proprietary methodology includes detailed assessment of the existing positioning and thorough internal and external research, all driving to recommendations and implementation of modified positioning for both internal and external audiences.

Competitor and Marketplace Assessment

The initial step in our proprietary brand positioning process is to utilize qualitative and quantitative research to determine an organization’s existing market position in relation to its perceived competition. We factor in not only what the management of an organization believes to be true, but extend the external research with customers to third party interviews, and reviews of literature and other external sources to uncover the true market place view of the organization. This process also identifies how customers would describe an “ideal” resource in the organization’s category.

Identification of Ideal Positioning Options and Personality Traits

In undertaking a brand positioning initiative, we offer management a number of positioning options for their consideration, focused on how close the organization can be to the “ideal” resource. Often, management needs to consider organizational and other changes to operations to meet the “ideal” aspirations. We help identify such changes and the impact they may have. The objective positioning idea adopted by management also need to be supported by subjective personality traits our research identifies which can reach customers on an emotional basis. These personality traits inform both how an organization should act as well as the marketing and communities strategies and programs needed to support the positioning.

Target Analysis and Profile Development

When implementing a new brand positioning, it is important that all communitcation from the organization to all its audiences must embody the essense of the positioning in ever way possible. It is important that the process recognize that individual segments may need different messaging coming from numerous segments of the organization. Vital to that process is that communications be totally consistent, and while providing content to key audiences, remain in the framework of the positioning idea and its supporting personality traits.

Brand Visual Identity System Creation

Once developed, the positioning and its supporting messages need to come to life in a revised brand visual identity system. Murphy & Co. is expert in ensuring such systems totally support the positioning strategy, having helped both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups develop names, designs and symbols that identify a company and its offerings distinct from competition.

Change Management

A change in your firm’s brand positioning will affect your entire organization. Everyone in sales to the C-Suite must understand how the change relates to their position as well as their role in clearly and concisely communicating the new brand positioning to colleagues and business partners. Murphy & Co. has extensive experience in helping leading organizations transition to successfully fulfill a new brand positioning.

Internal and External Launch and Ongoing Communications

A branding initiative is not concluded when a new positioning is decided upon, it is really just beginning. For any branding initiative to succeed, it must be properly introduced and reiterated to all important constituencies. Your organization must truly understand the new brand positioning so that they can appropriately represent it to clients and customers. Furthermore, the new positioning must be effectively launched to your market, inclusive of prospects, clients and business partners.

Communications Training

Properly communicating about your brand is a critical facet in driving the success of your organization. In order to appropriately position your organization, you must be able to adeptly drive messages to core constituencies in both good and bad times.

Murphy & Co.’s leadership team brings authoritative experience counseling some of the world’s most successful organizations on how to best communicate in order to drive/maintain business results.

Media Training

The ability to leverage the media as conduit to your market is an essential skill that every successful organization must harness. Murphy & Co.’s offers a tried & true media training curriculum that logically teaches how to “win the day” when interacting with the media. Counsel includes an in-depth exploration of critical steps to success, as well as challenging simulated interview scenarios with print and electronic media.

Message Development

Successful communication with your marketplace is contingent on delivering the right messages that will resonate with your core audiences. It is important to clearly and forcefully articulate the key messages about your overall brand as well as particular products or business initiatives. As an adjunct to our Brand Positioning services, Murphy & Co. offers message development assistance that employs a mutually-beneficial partnership to develop and refine messaging to positively influence your organization’s standing within your respective marketplace(s).

Presentation Training

Even when you have key messages locked down, presenting them effectively is often a challenge to even the most capable business leaders. Murphy & Co. offers workshops that benefit both the uninitiated and the most seasoned presenters. Key facets include organization, confidence in delivery, and appropriate use of visuals, audience involvement and Q&A control.

Murphy & Co. would welcome an exploratory discussion of your communications needs. Please reach out to us to get the process started!

Experience Design

Compelling, thoughtful design creates a great first impression and helps users to achieve their aims. Murphy & Co. works with clients to understand their business goals and users’ needs, crafting websites and apps that work beautifully.

Information Architecture

The first step in effective design is to organize all of the content and functionality that will go into the website. The resulting structure should feel natural and intuitive. Our understanding of user behavior underpins Murphy & Co.’s approach to information architecture.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

A website’s content strategy is worked out in tandem with its information architecture. The website must provide the content that the users need, and the content must be organized well. Copywriting takes place during the design process. Clear language and compelling calls to action make websites easier to use and more enjoyable. Murphy & Co. can work with your subject matter experts in the planning, development and curation of content.

User Experience & Interaction Design

The design of websites and apps includes the arrangement of interactive elements, such as buttons and menus, and the treatment of typography, color, illustrations, and photos. Murphy & Co.’s design philosophy is to make sure that every element supports the brand strategy and enhances the user experience.

Mobile & Responsive Design

Murphy & Co. can ensure that any new website looks great on tablets and smartphones, as well as computers. We provide for consistent branding and functionality, while taking into account the special needs of mobile users. New sites can launch with mobile capabilities, and older sites can have mobile capabilities added.

Rapid Prototyping

Sometimes, your users and stakeholders need to get their hands on an application before you can finalize the requirements. Murphy & Co.’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology provides early prototypes and a quick path to launch.

Contact us to find out more about how Murphy & Co. can help you to enhance the experience design of your website or app.

Digital Marketing

The most effective digital marketers work from a focused strategy and a clearly defined brand. Each campaign and every customer touch point builds towards the desired outcome.

Murphy & Co. helps clients select the right tools to communicate online. We create marketing plans, design creative, execute campaigns, and measure success. Whether you need a holistic approach, extending across all of your marketing, or just a design for a banner ad, Murphy & Co. has a solution for you.

Website Development

When customers research you, they go to your website. That gives the corporate website a central role in digital marketing efforts. Murphy & Co. helps clients with all stages of web publishing, including planning, designing, building, hosting, and maintaining websites.

Brand Campaigns

A special dedicated website can be the best place to promote a specific brand or to run a new marketing campaign. Murphy & Co. helps clients to plan, design, and build campaign websites. We can manage your brand sites over time, updating them to meet the needs of each site’s target audience segment. We can also help you to determine whether your campaign is best served by a website, a collection of landing pages, or another approach.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Healthy website traffic growth depends on the skillful use of email, advertising, social media, search marketing, and newly emerging tactics. Murphy & Co. can help you to choose the right tools to acquire and retain your audience. Then, we can design, execute, and measure the campaigns.

Display Advertising

A great ad captures attention, sways emotions, and stays with us in memory. Murphy & Co. helps clients to create awareness and drive web traffic with well-coordinated online and offline campaigns. We help clients to design and build both static and highly-interactive rich media ads. We also run and measure campaigns, including helping with ad network bid management and reporting.

Search Engine Marketing

The popularity of search engines and the trust that users have in them make search engine marketing (SEM) one of the most powerful tools in acquiring customers. SEM allows marketers to cost-effectively segment and target audience members with specific needs, such as prospects at each stage of the buying process. Murphy & Co. helps clients achieve quantifiable success with both natural search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search ads. Our services include natural search page optimization, keyword analysis, bid management, reporting, and optimization.

Social Media

Your customers are on social media, if not at work then at home and on their phones. This more intimate setting is a great opportunity to connect with valuable customers, but there are also risks unique to each social media service. Murphy & Co. can be your guide, helping you to communicate across top sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Our services include strategy, the design and development of social media pages and applications, and ongoing multi-channel publishing and content curation.

Creative Services

Your brand is strengthened when everything you show your audience has the right look. Murphy & Co.’s creative services group creates visually engaging digital content including infographics, videos, graphics, presentations and outbound campaigns.


Reliable metrics enable marketers to form a strategy and keep it on course. Murphy & Co.’s analytics specialists help clients to set up metrics, design reports, and analyze results. We can help you to get closer to your clients by understanding their behavior, and we can help you to plan, assess, and optimize your marketing spend.

Mobile and Tablet

The online audience is increasingly using smart phones, tablets, and other connected mobile devices. Whether you are entering the mobile world for the first time or building on a robust mobile presence, Murphy & Co.’s technical skills, design prowess, and strategic insights can help. We offer assistance in all stages of mobile projects, from planning and design through maintenance, metrics, and optimization.


Looking to build a business case for a new mobile effort or want direction on how to take advantage of the mobile Web? Murphy & Co. advises clients on how to best use mobile technologies to support marketing, business, and enterprise IT strategies.

Mobile Design

Adapt your brand to the many screen sizes and technologies of the mobile world. Murphy & Co. can help you to maintain consistency while providing a great user experience.

Enterprise Mobile Services

Improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency though mobile tools. Murphy & Co. can design and build mobile infrastructure, services, and applications to support your workforce on the go.

Mobile Site Optimization

Is your website deskbound? Murphy & Co. helps leading organizations to adapt their websites for mobile visitors. In some cases, this means dedicated mobile sites. In other cases, we work with you to adapt your website to a responsive web design that adapts itself to different device form factors.

Application Development

Do your mobile users need more than a website? Murphy & Co. designs and builds mobile apps for the leading app stores. We can also create rich HTML 5 applications that run in a mobile browser without the need for installation or placement in a third-party store.

Mobile Acquisition

Use mobile technologies to bring in new business. Murphy & Co. can help you target and attract the mobile audience via advertising, search engine optimization, email, and SMS (text message) marketing.

Technology Services

The best enterprise systems power your business without consuming your day. Murphy & Co. can help you with eCommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and content management systems (CMS). We can help you to analyze your needs and select the appropriate solutions, and then we can get the systems running and keep them performing at their best.

Platform Selection & Implementation

It’s easy enough to find analyst rankings of well-known enterprise systems, but only a close look at your organization’s needs will reveal the best solution. Murphy & Co. has extensive experience in the identification, evaluation and recommendation of hardware and software to support business strategy with complete, integrated solutions.

Content Management Implementation

Murphy & Co. designs and implements content management system installations. We also help clients to manage their ongoing web publishing, which gives us insights into what it is like to live with a CMS after the initial purchase. This guides our recommendations for selecting and configuring a durable CMS infrastructure.

eCommerce Platform Implementation

Murphy & Co. helps clients with all aspects of eCommerce, including evaluating eCommerce platforms, designing implementations, installing software, and building websites. Our solutions are custom-tailored to clients’ business needs, web publishing approaches, and back-end ERP systems.

Web Development

Murphy & Co. offers design, development and maintenance capabilities for websites, microsites, mobile sites, intranet portals and rich internet applications.

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