You Can Convince Clients To Love You

By Jim Murphy

Client satisfaction

Is there a magic formula to having your clients or customers think you are absolutely the best resource. Can you get them to love you?

Yes, with a relatively simple idea, very difficult to execute. The idea is that you need to discover how your clients would define the “ideal” in your category. Not simple to do, but possible via thorough research of the market place, coupled with a truly objective evaluation of your own organization’s strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations will help you identify and develop a positioning idea and set of personality traits reflecting that “ideal”. Then the decision needs to be made to see if you can make the changes necessary to become the “ideal” and then commit your organization, with all its diverse interests and pressures, to perform as the “ideal” and to manage all of your marketing and communications to live up to the promise of “ideal”. If you can, your clients and customers will never leave you. The obvious but most crucial point to make about positioning is that how you act in terms of your clients’ needs and values is the most important path to success. As important as design, look and tone are, they are secondary.