The Agility That Defines Murphy & Co.

By Jason Murphy

Murphy & Co.

What if businesses were required to choose mascots that defined their organization, similar to sports teams? One would want to select something that somehow embodied the characteristics that make them great or that they aspire to. An investment firm might choose an owl due to its perception of being wise. On the other hand, one might envision an insurance firm choosing a Labrador Retriever as it is always by your side and a caring companion.

If forced to choose a mascot for our organization, it might well be a hummingbird. The rationale is simple; agility. The hummingbird can fly, but more importantly, can hover and move on a dime in any direction at an amazing speed. This very ability is the lifeblood of Murphy & Co.

More than 20 years ago, we were founded to help organizations successfully drive business results via insightful marketing communications counsel and implementation. We soon recognized that the single greatest challenge faced by our clients was successful enablement of interactive communications. For this reason, we rapidly modified and enhanced our skillset to include interactive communications development and all that accompanies it. Today, interactive marketing communications makes up the preponderance of our client efforts, but we also maintain all the skills we initially brought to market.

Murphy & Co.’s long-term agility has allowed us to successfully partner with our valued clients in driving quantifiable results and justifies our positioning as an interactive marketing hummingbird.