The Agility That Defines Murphy & Co.

By Jason Murphy

May 1, 2017 Murphy & Co.

What if businesses were required to choose mascots that defined their organization, similar to sports teams? One would want to select something that somehow embodied the characteristics that make them great or that they aspire to. An investment firm might choose an owl due to its perception of being wise. On the other hand, one might envision an insurance firm choosing a Labrador Retriever as it is always by your side and a caring companion.

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The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist and the Challenges to an Organization

By Mark Gordon

April 10, 2017 CMT, Technology

Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. A recent study by the research and consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than its chief information officer was. Just a few years ago, that claim would have seemed absurd, but today we are all seeing company’s marketing departments spending more than ever on technology.

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What Happened To My Lead?

By Tara Carter

March 22, 2017 Analytics, Metrics

I’m a runner. I’ve worked hard to build up the stamina to run long distance, marathons in fact. If you run like me, then this scenario is all too familiar: It’s race day. You begin with a goal time in mind based on the course and your recent training. Adrenaline kicks in and you start off with a fast pace. You want to win. Your mind starts waging a war with itself. The reasonable side is telling you to slow down. You know that you can’t sustain such a fast pace. But the other side is trying to convince you that you could magically run substantially faster for the remainder of the race. You maintain that fast pace, ahead of the majority of other runners for another few minutes but inevitably pain sets in as you tire and other runners pull ahead.

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App Design: Choosing the Right Ingredients

By Thom Smith

February 17, 2017 Apps, Technical Design, User Experience

I have to confess: I love pizza. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t long for its gooey deliciousness in my mouth. The thing is with pizza though, is that it is easy to get carried away with it. Sometimes the temptation of all that pepperoni, bacon, hamburger, sausage, onions, peppers, olives, hell maybe even anchovies are just too much.

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A Balanced Media Mix is the Winning Digital Strategy

By Mark Gordon

January 24, 2017 B2B, Digital strategy, Paid media

As you know, there are three types of media that digital marketing practitioners have at their disposal – paid, owned and earned. While knowledge and use of these three types of media is critical to digital marketing success, many B2B marketers treat them separately and often only engage in one or two types of media. They should be complementary.

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On Communications – The Next Medium?

By Jay Smith

December 5, 2016 Communications, Media, Messaging, Social media

One of my favorite books, David Halberstam’s The Powers That Be, painstakingly chronicles the rise of mediums and media in the first 75 years of the 20th century. It details the ascent of Time Life, CBS, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post (for young millennials, the latter three were “newspapers,” once printed with ink on newsprint).

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Digital Analytics Dashboards: Best Practices

By Tara Carter

November 14, 2016 Analytics, Metrics

A good digital analytics dashboard is very exciting to see. Some might consider it a thing of beauty.

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The Importance of Content Marketing

By Mark Gordon

October 10, 2016 Content marketing, SEO

The future of your business depends on content marketing. If you rely at all on search engine traffic (and most businesses do) you need searchable content that Google, Bing and others can use to send traffic your way. More than ever before, today every business needs to be well-versed in content production.

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You Can Convince Clients To Love You

By Jim Murphy

September 20, 2016 Client satisfaction

Is there a magic formula to having your clients or customers think you are absolutely the best resource. Can you get them to love you?

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The Number One Mistake Mobile App Developers Make

By Eric Fensterstock

August 1, 2016 Mobile, Mobile apps, Mobile strategy

About five years ago, everyone was rushing to create a mobile app. About four years ago, most of these apps were forgotten.

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